It's Time to Re-Up Marquis Now

Walt Lock Him Up Now

The Right Reverend's Sermon of the Day. Sign Marquis.

Jason Marquis has grown up before our very eyes, Cardinal fans. With some help and patience from Cardinal pitching Coach Dave Duncan, Marquis has become the pitcher his former coach Leo Mazzone hoped he would be. That is no knock on Mazzone, as Marquis was labeled as stubborn when he got to St. Louis, and he has been stubborn in some ways. (Tipping pitches, nibbling, etc.) But since his brilliant performance against Washington last August 27th when he pitched a complete game shutout, Marquis has been a different pitcher. Different as in he throws strikes. Since he began to heed Duncan's sermons of pounding the strike zone with two-seam fast balls, Marquis has been sharp, as demonstrated in this stat line-

Stats since since 8/27/05

  • 2.44 ERA
  • K/9 5.2
  • BB/9 1.1
  • K/BB 4.75
  • WHIP 0.94
  • HR/9 1.2
  • W-L 7-1
  • 66.1 IP

All this from a pitcher many experts have prophesied doom over because of some of his poor peripheral stats. It's a contract year for Jason, and I don't see any reason why he would now change his approach given this newfound success he's had. If he can continue it, he's going to find himself a very rich man and a successful pitcher in this league for years to come. Walt Jocketty has said he will depart from his normal mode of operation and negotiate contracts during the season. With Marquis entering his prime, as in he will be 28 this year, he may be wise to lock him up now. Recommended Stories

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