Pirates Prospect Interview: Stetson Allie

Stetson Allie

After falling short as pitcher, Stetson Allie is putting up big numbers at the plate. First baseman Allie is hitting .353 with six home runs and 20 RBI in 21 games with the South Atlantic League West Virginia Power. PiratesDugout.com caught up with Allie recently.

PD – Are you surprised a little by the great start you've had?

SA – The coaching staff worked their tails off. This is my second season as a hitter, last year I went back and worked on a lot of stuff in the GCL and this year I came in very confident and I just do what I can do and I'm blessed to have a good start like this.

PD – You struggled a bit last year in the GCL, but you seemed to take it in stride and learn from it.

SA – [The time in the GCL helped] a ton, In the Gulf Coast League there's a lot of guys that throw hard, but they don't know where it's going. Here they have a little more idea where it's coming and where it's going so it's a little easier to hit. Obviously you're going to have your ups and downs, but I'm just going to stick with it and hopefully continue what I'm doing.

PD – What was the toughest part of this when you went back to being a position player?

SA – I think just getting ready for the fastball, in high school in Ohio nobody was throwing 90 or 95, so just seeing that everyday and getting back to just having an approach at the plate, that's key for me.

PD – When did you make the decision, when do you say I'm going to switch? How did you know it was the right thing to do?

SA – It was more of a mutual thing, the coaching staff had asked me what I thought and I gave them my opinion and I told them that my personality fits more as a position player right now. I like to be busy every day, that's why being a position player has been successful for me.

PD – Do you miss pitching at all?

SA – Not really at all no, I happy with what I'm doing right now and just thinking about that.

PD – Did your pitching background give you any kind of assist in transitioning back to hitting?

SA – Yeah, I didn't have the most success as a pitcher, but I learned how pitchers think and how they like to pitch people and I just really learned a lot from pitching those two years and it made the transition a little easier.

PD – You've adjusted to the fastball, what now are you working on the most at the plate?

SA – I think just sticking with the same approach every day, I think that's the hardest thing for young hitters is to stay with the same thing. One day you're 4-for-4 and the next day you are 0-for-4 and you think your approach is wrong."

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